Irina Boechat

Born in an entrepreneurial family and from a very early age was exposed to different family businesses including Industrial equipment trading, Real Estate and Art.

Before coming to Luxembourg moved across dozen of countries and industries. Professionally this included different financial and marketing projects in Spain, Russia and Brazil. Many of her international business partners have now become clients of Lagapim.

Prior to founding Lagapim, Irina was in senior management and developing a successful fiduciary business in Luxembourg from the early set up to the exit point.

Her conviction to personal connections and development has helped to build a unique team of professionals where many members have become successful executives or entrepreneurs in various fields themselves.

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    30 mars 2022
    Un évènement inédit et exclusif avec les plus belles signatures liées aux enjeux stratégiques du family office. Une matinée et un lunch organisés autour de trois thématiques : Art of Family Office, New Asset Classes, Art of Private Equity.